Official Price Guide

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Official Price Guide

Post by 50b on Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:28 pm

Torva Chest-plate -  6B
Torva Plate-legs - 5B
Torva Full Helmet - 5B

Spirit Shield - 5M
Blessed Spirit Shield - 5M
Divine Spirit Shield - 500M
Spectral Spirit Shield - 500M
Arcane Spirit Shield - 500M
Elysian Spirit Shield - 500M

Korasi's Sword - 75M
Amulet of Fury - 7M
DragonFire Shield - 25M
DarkBow - 2M
Any Colored Whip - 9M

Dharok's Helmet - 1M (sell in shop for 5M)
Dharok's Chest-Plate - 1M
Dharok's Plate-Legs - 1M
Dharok's Great Axe - 1M

Ahrim's Staff - 2M
Ahrim's Hood - 3M
Ahrim's Robe Top - 9M
Ahrims Robe Bottom - 6M

Verac's Flail - 500K
Verac's Brassard - 500K
Verac's Helm - 500K
Verac's Plate Skirt - 500K

Torag's Hammers - 500K
Torag's Helmet - 500K
Torag's Plate Legs - 500K
Torag's Chest Plate - 500K

Primal Chest Plate - 5B
Primal Plate Legs - 5B
Primal Helmet - 5B
Primal Boots - 4B
Primal Gloves - 4B
Primal Rapier - 3B
Primal Longsword - 3B
Primal 2H Sword - 3B

Chaotic Rapier - 750M
Chaotic Maul - 750M
Chaotic Crossbow - 750M
Chaotic Staff - 450M

Vesta's Body - 350M
Vesta's Legs - 350M
Vesta's Longsword - 325M
Vesta's Spear - 325M

Statius's Body - 200M
Statius's Legs - 200M
Statius's Helmet - 250M
Statius's Warhammer- 250M

Zuriel's Hat - 175M
Zuriel's Body - 175M
Zuriel's Legs - 175M
Zuriel's Staff - 175M

Snow Torva: 15b
Frost Torva: 20b
Nature Torva: 12b
Blood Torva: 35b
Normal Phats: 500m
Colored Phats: 2b each
Normal Hweens: 300m
Custom Hweens: 4b
Royal Set: 80b
Oblit Maul: 20b
Oblit Sword: 5b
Annihilation: 7b
Drygore: 500b
Death Cape: 30b
Deathfull Kites: 100b
Dual Halo: 30b
Halo: 20b
Mystery Boxes: 1b
Xmas Cracker: 400m
Ckeys: 500m
Colored Bunnys: 3b
Brutal Whip: 40b

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Re: Official Price Guide

Post by Nick on Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:56 pm

Well done.


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